Our Projects


To truly harvest maximum value of the state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion Battery technologies researched and developed, C4V has partnered with companies globally to manufacture next generation high performance Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Backed by world renowned experts and a robust executive board possessing in-depth knowledge of LIB production, raw material supply, and battery cell technology, C4V-supported consortiums aim to deliver high power, high efficiency, long cycle life, and safer batteries for a multitude of applications.

Imperium 3

In core partnership with Magnis Resources, an Australian company specializing in end-to-end sourcing of raw materials for LIB manufacturing, and Boston Energy and Innovation, an ethical investment house responsible for financing and fostering sustainable energy solutions, C4V has established a global consortium, ‘Imperium3’. This consortium has plans to develop production capabilities of 30GWh in New York and Australia by 2021.

The manufacturing facility for ‘Imperium3 New York’ will be situated at the Huron Campus, in Endicott, New York. With the capability of manufacturing at 15 GWh per annum, this facility will be the largest manufacturing hub for lithium-ion battery cells in the state. Strategically chosen to take advantage of the existing world-class infrastructure and reliable port connectivity, Huron Campus provides access to high quality manufacturing infrastructure, recycling management, and existing business expertise nearby. Outstanding support and investment from the New York State government has further enabled the creation of this manufacturing ecosystem that will expedite the development of future technologies and jobs.

The New York State facility will be the first project to commence volume production in 2019.
The 15 GWh manufacturing facility for ‘Imperium3 Australia’ will be located in Townsville with production to begin in 2021. This facility’s establishment will be Australia’s first gigafactory and will symbolize the birthplace and core of innovation for new technological development in the region. Prudently selected for its geographical relation to key economic markets, Townsville has access to transport routes and relatively uniform climatic conditions, making it viable for a streamlined construction timeline. Furthermore, support from the Australian government in the form of incentives and provisions for large acreages will enable upstream and downstream supply chain members and potential clients to co-locate their premises in the same manufacturing facility.


C4V along with its partner Magnis Resources plans to build the gigafactory in the state of North Rhine Westphalia Germany. The signing of a memorandum-of-understanding between C4V’s partner, Magnis Resources, and WIN Emscher-Lipper – a consortium of energy and chemicals companies, government agencies, and financial institutions – in 2017 has confirmed plans to build a gigafactory in Germany.

The first phase of this research project has been approved and will be advanced soon, including seeking of government support, development of a project reward system, and determination of the final project location. Recently Dr. Jorg Fabri is named General Manager of the Listrom Plant. He has 40 years of experience in energy and chemistry and held senior management positions in major energy companies such as Shell, E.ON and RWE. In recent months, C4V and Magnis partnership with the WIN consortium has been heavily supported by government agencies at all levels in Germany and Europe, and the WIN consortium has said it is among the European Union Battery Alliance, which includes automotive giant BMW, Daimler And Nissan.

Concurrently, development of a local supply chain with existing chemical enterprises in the region has also been advancing at various stages. The common goal of Listrom team is to introduce new investment institutions and establish strategic cooperative relations while C4V continued to invest in next phase of the project.