Our Innovation

To transcend current expectations for performance metrics demanded of high-energy-power and long calendar life lithium-ion batteries, the physicochemical requirements of the end-use application must coalesce with the knowledge to create the proper chemistry and the expertise to properly manufacture cost effectively at scale. C4V embodies this synergy.

Approximately 80% of the cost to produce lithium ion cells originates from four major components: the anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte. C4V has discovered, patented, and commercially developed processing technology for next generation anode and cathode materials, while working jointly to optimize these materials with current industry giants in the electrolyte and separator space. C4V has also quantified and qualified more than 15 other component that go along with four key components mentioned above in a lithium ion battery cell. In addition, designing cells for different applications in cylindrical, pouch and prismatic form factors is integral part of C4V’s development process.

Generation 1 Battery

C4V Generation 1 batteries , commercially implementable right away and, will feature cobalt and nickel free cathode chemistry that boasts higher voltage and cycle lifetime than any of the currently available commercial materials.

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Generation 2 Battery

C4V Generation 2 batteries will focus upon optimizing anode and cathode formulations and introducing a more thermally stable electrolyte to enhance performance.

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Generation 3 Battery

We strive to continue working towards better, more economic and even safer battery technology and processing techniques in coming years. Solid state batteries are theoretically possible now

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