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We, at C4V, discover and solve problems lying at the materials level to create value at the Lithium-ion Battery and system level.Our unique materials technology reduces the cost of batteries significantly, without any disruption on the manufacturing floor. Our global spin-off and joint venture companies are achieving price reductions through economies of scale by adopting C4V’s innovations. Our high power and energy density batteries do not employ the use of cobalt, instead use higher voltage composite material in combination with other abundant raw materials and thus greatly reduce costs, while relying on a less volatile supply chain.


  • Highly compatible existing industrial infrastructure
  • An expert technical team located at a leading battery development center (Binghamton New York)
  • More than $100M infrastructure for cutting edge battery R&D.
  • An experienced project execution team.
  • A sustainable and ethically-sourced supply chain.
  • Proximity to renewable and e-mobility markets.
  • Close proximity to financial capital of US to support the scale
  • Proven technology, IP and manufacturing background.


No technology is truly cutting edge if it cannot be applied globally. At C4V, we strongly believe that a stable supply chain is critical to success. With deep understanding of chemistry, engineering, materials, processes, supply chain and equipment used in lithium ion battery manufacturing, C4V has developed a manufacturing ready print package that can be applied to current and future generation technologies for accelerated manufacturing process. C4V supported ecosystem, heavily leveraging local expertise, will not only play a crucial role in achieving New York’s 50by30 vision with a 15 GWh facility, but also generate more than 30,000 jobs with 100GWh+ of planned production capacity globally.

Our Projects

Some of our key projects

A group of NY companies have combined expertise to form a fully integrated supply line producing 50 amp-hr cylindrical cells for microgrid storage. The initial contract is for cell towers in Africa. These batteries are designed to rapidly charge from solar sources while cycling daily for twenty years.

C4V is optimizing a battery specific to the duty cycle of passenger rail cars for lighting and HVAC. The charge source is the wheels of the train turning a generator. These cells will be manufactured in New York and the batteries will be manufactured in India. This license grant is directed to passenger trains in India.

Final proof of performance cells are being produced for smart phone batteries having 30% improvement in charge capacity when new and significantly retains charge capacity after years of service. This technology is equally applicable to electric vehicles. No further details are available.

Cell currently produced for stationary applications and produced in New York are being also tested for the speed vehicle market. Improve charging rate, smaller footprint and significantly higher energy density than current solution makes C4V product highly demanding in this segment

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