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Company Overview

C4V is a knowledge company possessing critical insight related to optimum performance of lithium ion batteries. Key discoveries have been fruitful in vastly extending battery life, safety and charge performance. Supply chain and C4V work together to bring to market fully optimized batteries possessing key economic advantages providing the ultimate “best in class” performance for that application.

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Specific Projects

Some of our key projects

Made in New York

A group of NY companies have combined expertise to form a fully integrated supply line producing 50 amp-hr cylindrical cells for microgrid storage. The initial contract is for cell towers in Africa. These batteries are designed to rapidly charge from solar sources while cycling daily for twenty years.

Made in India

C4V is optimizing a battery specific to the duty cycle of passenger rail cars for lighting and HVAC. The charge source is the wheels of the train turning a generator. These cells will be manufactured in New York and the batteries will be manufactured in India. This license grant is directed to passenger trains in India.

Portable Electronics

Final proof of performance cells are being produced for smart phone batteries having 30% improvement in charge capacity when new and significantly retains charge capacity after years of service. This technology is equally applicable to electric vehicles. No further details are available.

Electric Transport

Cell currently produced for stationary applications and produced in New York are being also tested for the speed vehicle market. Improve charging rate, smaller footprint and significantly higher energy density than current solution makes C4V product highly demanding in this segment.

C4V Core Team

What makes us different

IIT Delhi graduate and MBA in International Business Management. 15+ Years of Li-ion Battery experience. Successful prior startup experience. President and Serves as a Director.

Shailesh Upreti

Director & President

Mike is a technical expert in the areas of financial planning and engineering where he has spent the last 46 years having started, owned and/or held various executive-level, turn-around and board-level positions in both U.S. and Asian-based technology and consumer electronics companies. Mike previously worked in Asia for 13 years and currently plays active role within C4V

Mike Driscoll


University of Pennsylvania alumnus, 35+ Years of experience in industrial new product market development. 10 years in battery field. Strong manufacturing experience. Serves as a Director and advisor.

Robert Dobbs


Brian is an accomplished global business leader with over 25 years of involvement in nano and clean tech industries.

Brian Foster

Strategic Marketing Manager

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If you are a systems integrator or have a product addressing a large market segment that requires exceptional battery performance then we welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs.